4 Principles of Sustainable Interior Design

Sustainable Interior Design

Sustainability begins with all of us. Whether you are getting your home renovated or your new office designed, one of the goals of the interior design is to achieve sustainability. Besides decoration and architectural detailing, reducing environmental impact is part of sustainable design.

Here are the basic principles of designing a sustainable space:

Aim for energy efficiency: Heat and light gained through windows can be a real game-changer in offices and homes. Windows that trap heat, provide good insulation and maximize the use of daylight and minimize artificial lights — are great for the environment.  A reduced power bill is icing on the cake. For the kitchen, store rooms and bathrooms, incorporating a skylight is clever interior design. Window coverings, blinds, and shades can help keep the room cool whenever you want. Glass windows and glass partitions are a great way to make your house look luxurious, spacious and at the same time save energy.

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1. Embrace natural materials: The best thing about natural materials like wood, bamboo, marble, and clay — is that they are timeless and go well with different kinds of decor. Bamboo flooring and stone bathroom accessories will give your home a touch of glamour. To give your house a personality, you can get one-of-a-kind pieces made on demand.

2. Keep longevity in mind: When choosing materials for interior design, keep in mind longevity and low maintenance. For instance, for a kitchen countertop, the goal should be durability and timelessness. If material needs to be changed every now and then due to wear and tear, then it fails to be a sustainable option. Choose quality and durability over trends. Also, design flexible spaces so that they can be adapted to the changing needs.

3. Design for healthy ambiance: The widespread use of air purifiers to tackle indoor pollution is a reality that we are witnessing in many cities across the world. To design healthy spaces that ensure good air quality indoors, we must use toxic-free materials, have indoor plants and place carpets made out of natural fibers. Plants help to regularly circulate air and keep the ambiance fresh. Carpets help to trap indoor dust which can be removed with vacuuming.

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