Design Ideas for Uber Cool Game Zone at Office

All work and no play can make anybody a dull person, be it, children or adults. This one of the reasons why many companies are putting efforts into creating spaces in the office where employees can relax, play and unleash the inner child in them. Besides breakout areas, a game zone is a great place [...]

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How to Design the Outside Area of Your Restaurant

How inviting your restaurant looks largely depends on the design you choose for your business’s physical facade. In fact, the exterior look is one of the most important factors to leverage in order to drive more traffic to your restaurant. Whether you are working on the exterior design of your new restaurant or planning to [...]

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Pop-up Store Ideas That are Big Inspiration

If you are a small brand, a pop-store is a great way to test the waters. If you are a niche brand, it’s a great way to explore untapped markets. However, it can be quite tricky to decorate pop-up stores as space is limited and sometimes, pop-stores are temporary. Though physical space is temporary, the [...]

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Design Ideas for Small Retail Spaces

Do you have a small retail space? Do you think it looks cramped? If yes, then you are on the right page. As commercial space comes at a premium, retail stores are getting smaller. For many small brands, a small retail store can be their big ticket to brand recognition and success.  Just because you [...]

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Why your Store Design and Layout Matter?

If you are about to open a new retail shop or you have a shop you want to renovate, you will want to make sure you capture your customer's attention with the products you put on display. To do that you must start with the layout of your store. The store design and layout do [...]

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What Millennials Want in Their Home Decor?

Millennials are different from the previous generation when it comes to the way they express themselves, they work and they live. Millennials definitely have a different kind of a relationship with interior design. From Instagram-worthy home decor to technologically advanced homes, millennials are looking for a true reflection of themselves when it comes to home [...]

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Top Interior Design Trends In 2019

There’s a rush of excitement as 2019 is bringing in design trends that are beautiful, offbeat and avant-garde. From decorating ceilings to having glass partitions, people in 2019 are leaving no stone unturned to create a wow factor in their spaces. Whether you are renovating your home or buying a new home, here are a [...]

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4 Principles of Sustainable Interior Design

Sustainability begins with all of us. Whether you are getting your home renovated or your new office designed, one of the goals of the interior design is to achieve sustainability. Besides decoration and architectural detailing, reducing environmental impact is part of sustainable design. Here are the basic principles of designing a sustainable space: Aim for [...]

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How to Create a Fun Decor Theme in Your Shop?

For a retail store, the decor isn’t just about displaying your products for the customers to see. A shop’s decor plays a key role in improving the shopping experience. When the decor of your store piques the customers’ curiosity, they simply walk through your shop's front door. With the right interiors, you can make shopping [...]

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How To Design A Cool Startup Office?

What better way to give a positive head start to your business than by implementing cool decor in your office space? The way you design your office space plays an important role in determining how well are you able to drive the work culture that you’ve envisioned. We, at GDM Interiors, can help you turn [...]

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