Glass fabrication is the most wanted skill every interior design firm must aster in the recent generation to impress and gain more clients. Glass has many advantages of its own. Importing glass in interior design not only makes the area spacious but also gives a luxurious look.

Glasses are the symbol of positivity and it reflects out mind. Incorporating glass in our interior designs is a brilliant choice. In fact an elegant interior design cannot be made possible without glass fabrications. Glasses enhance the beauty of our joineries, kitchen counter tops, floors and doors. They elate the look of our house thereby enriching it’s beauty further. It’s not only the houses even our office writing boards, bill boards, and stairs can be made attractive while embroidering it with various available interior glass designs.

To incorporate a glass into your fit out or joinery a perfect glass fabrication is needed. Cutting, Grinding, Laminating and Drilling are the four important pillars of Glass fabrication. Apart from these methods like polishing, blending, finishing and edging are also required in most cases.

All these methods will leave the scrap glass material subjected to wear and tear, still precision and quality are of most important when a fabricated glass is fitted at the client’s place. However carefully done manual fabrication on glass will end up in a mess and that is why Computer Numeric Control machines are used.

CNC Machines

Any CNC Machine used to fabricate glass depends on Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) technology. The main advantage of having a CNC machine is that this saves the time and money spent in other supporting equipment as this can perform various number of tasks on its own.

Drilling holes, giving a straight cut to the edges, refining surfaces and grooving can be efficiently carried out by CNC machines for any type of designs. To carry out these tasks with perfection diamond abrasive tooling, diamond points and carbide wheels are available in the CNC machine that is used for glass fabrication.

Applications of Glass Fabrications

Polishing mirrors and Lenses are the most common areas of application of fabricated glasses. Further lenses can be applied in eye glasses, telescopes and prisms. When it comes to mirrors they inturn can be used in televisions, video projectors, solar panels and particularly in home accessories and as fit out designs. One another common use of fabricated glass is the mirrors in vehicle manufactures.

Glass Fabrication Materials

Fused Silica and borosilicate are the most common materials used in glass fabrication applications. Pure silica sand is melted to make fused silica. Purity is the sole quality that makes silica ideal for use in highly precise optic equipments such as lab applications and lenses for the ultraviolet spectrum. The high melting pointof fused silica makes it a perfect use in semiconductor productions.

Sodium carbonate, calcium carbonate, quartz and boron are the components of Borosilicate. These combinations end up in a glass that is highly resistant to heat and chemical. This resistance allows the glass to be used in the creation of flat glass panel displays for tablets, televisions and cell phones.

GDM Interiors with its 40 years of experience is qualified to install any fabricated glass which the client needs to have it for a partition or on table tops or any other appealing purpose. We own a joinery workshop and CNC machinery which gives us all freedom to manufacture the glass fit out or joinery which or clients aspire for. Our clients have never compromised their glass fit out and joinery aspirations, for their interior designs as we are fully equipped to manufacture it by our own.

Our energetic engineering team is capable of fitting out glass interiors and glass joineries that will enrich the appearance of your house. GDM Interiors is one of the very few companies to own a workshop and work with glass fabrications. This quality of them makes them renowned glass fabrication companies in Dubai.

As a well-established interior design companies we are eligible to provide expert advise with any glass fabrication needs. GDM Interiors provide free consultation to those who look to install glass on any of their fit out and joineries.

Advantages of having glass fabrications

  • GDM Interiors are environment friendly glass fabrication company. As a glass material is recyclable and it degrades during the recycling process we recommend using glass in fit out and joineries.
  • The reflective quality of glass gives it a natural ability to make the interior space look bigger that it is actually is. This brings in livelihood to the house
  • As discussed above glass is highly resistant to heat and chemicals hence interior spaces fitted with glass fabrications withstand extreme temperatures.
  • When it comes to commercial spaces where displaying a product plays an ideal role, glass is the most ideal material to be used for displays. This increases the visibility of brand and its identity
  • Glass surfaces can be easily cleaned and thus the surface remains sparkling all the time.