The most common misunderstanding when it comes to wood work is between what a joiner does and what a carpenter does. Unless one knows more about both the trades, there are more chances for one to get confused on either both are same or responsible for skills and jobs that they aren’t. Panic not! Over the course of this article we will describe the details of these two negligibly different trades and aid you discover what carpentry and joinery are actually about.

A simple definition: Anyone would be correctly relating both carpentry and joinery to be part of construction sector. To define this in simple terms and to get you a glance on how they differ we would state that joiners join wood in workshop while carpenters construct the building elements built by a joiner, on-site.

What joiners commonly do?
Creating fitted furniture
Creating or building window/door frames
Building stairs
What carpenters commonly do?
Fitting staircases
Fixing window/door frames
Fitting floors
Installing cupboards and shelving
Fixing kitchen cabinets

What joiners do? – A more detailed look
A joiner will typically pursue their job on both commercial and residential projects and the nature of the job makes it closely associated with carpentry – together with other parts of construction industry.

Joiners will be based in a workshop which is because of the nature of their job as joiner requires specialist machinery such as lathe, wheel saw to carry out their regular work still joiners are not always restricted to workshop as there are many cases where a joiner can also have a carpenter’s skill and so can undertake installations on building sites.

Joiners have technical knowledge to interpret drawings, set out and measure, cut, make joints, assemble spare parts, make installation when and where needed and finish the product with high quality and standard. A joiner can custom manufacture any sort of item including doors, stairs, cabinet, bar counter, windows, tables, bookshelves, stairs to better utilize their client’s space.

Discipline, accuracy and perfection are the highly required attributes of an outstanding joiner – something our joinery team at GDM Interiors pride on.

There is a huge amount of planning and organization involved in a joiner’s profession along with high degree of concentration, attention to details, and accuracy needed to get a perfect finish.
What carpenters do? – A more detailed look

Carpentry is a very interesting job to have as this displays or presents the joineries in its most perfect form at the client’s place.
Every carpenter begins their journey of carpentry with a layout checklist; marking, measuring and checking if the joinery fit with the local building codes. Then they cut and shape areas in order to fit in the joineries for their best utility. Finally they end up with checks assuring the accuracy of their work in line with the building codes.

Carpenters can have a broad range of skills or specialize in one or more according to their interest. For sample carpenters involved in remodeling homes and other structures requires skills to frame walls, build stairs, install doors and windows or install cabinets and so on.

GDM interiors has an efficient team of joiners who are also specialized in carpentry job as well. We have been recognized as one of the best joinery companies in Dubai. As we are an interior design firm our joinery team also has skills required for remodeling a residential or commercial space. We are ISO 9001 quality certified that our joinery are of high quality and lives for a life time.