GDM Interiors is one of the most enthusiastic fit out companies in Dubai.  With an experience spanning over 40 years, we work to bridge the gap between aesthetic and value, bringing attention to detail and distinctiveness to every project we dive into. This contributes to creating projects that help our clients stand out and break the clutter.

With excellence being the cornerstone at GDM, we ensure that every phase of a project receives the perfection and precision it requires. We follow a disciplined approach towards quality, placing special emphasis on project management to achieve timely completion. We ensure that only qualified and highly trained professionals are included in every project, so the results exceed client expectations in all aspects.

We abide by all fit out guidelines and standards set by International Organization for Standardization and hence are also ISO 9001:2008 Certified. Our clients are encouraged to maintain these standards even after the project is complete, to maintain

We focus on optimizing timescale and budget along with quality, to provide the highest standard of workmanship. Our success in achieving this is rooted in our investment in technology coupled with the selection of a highly qualified and experienced team, that is highly motivated, talented and aligned with our objectives.

Our team of estimators develop each quote with absolute precision and transparency ensuring there are no hidden costs. They make sure that each detail of an expense is added to the quote making it very convenient for our clients to have a better idea on what the cost for their fit-out solution will be. They ensure that each project is completed meticulously and within the comfort of the client. Our creative designers and engineers have a vast knowledge of managing complex projects, linking the many aspects of construction including concrete, glass fabrications and metal fabrication, among others. Our craftsmen are highly experienced, armed with capacity and expertise to handle fit-out services, whether it is detailed projects where we work from shell-and-core or simply a renovation and restoration exercise.

At GDM Interiors, we meet the client’s vision with hard driving focus and pure but fierce passion – eager to see them succeed ultimately. We get involved right from the get-go, understanding and analysing requirements, assessing all core competencies and while collaborating with the client to provide tailor made, bespoke solutions that are delivered in an efficient and cost-effective manner.