With more than one-third of the global workforce comprising of millennials, do you want to know what it takes to get millennials to work? Millennials have an entrepreneurial and creative mind and they see their workplace as more than a just a physical space. It is a place where they ideate with their colleagues, let their creative juices flow and get inspired. For a generation which views its workplace as a community, just having colorful beanbags won’t help. An office for a millennial has to be radical and a reflection of their inner selves.

Here are a few ideas that can be incorporated to create an office that millennials would love to come to:

  1. Campus like feel: To attract millennials, the new-age offices have to move away from the cubicle life and embrace an ambiance that resembles more like a college campus than a traditional office. A new-age office is less conventional, has flexible furniture and has informal spaces for collaboration. At the same, it has a library like quiet spaces to do individual work and concentrate.
  2. Natural light: Natural light is something that the younger generation wants. This is one of the reasons glass is one of the most preferred materials to use when designing modern offices, especially high-rise offices. Glass is a recyclable material, making it a sustainable and eco friendly option. Glass also gives access to outdoor views and amplifies natural light, which not only helps to boost employee productivity but also improves mental and physical health as well.Looking for best glass fabrication companies in Dubai? To enhance your office’s beauty, let GDM Interiors help decorate your office with interior glass solutions. As an eco-friendly fit-out company, we strongly recommend glass. Be it partitions, table tops or other aesthetic solutions, we can install glass as per your customized needs. GDM Interiors is one of the best Glass Fabrication companies in Dubai. For a free consultation, contact us at https://www.gdminteriors.com/contact/.
  3. Ergonomics: For employees who spend eight-hour workdays staring at a computer, it is necessary that desk accessories are comfortable. Think of ergonomic furniture as it reduces fatigue, corrects poor posture and boosts productivity.
  4. Acoustic control: Though an open-office encourages employee conversation and collaboration, often office chatter makes it difficult for one to focus. Therefore to boost productivity, create partitions to divide open spaces. This will not just help create a veil of privacy but also help redirect noise.
  5. Focus on technology: Technology has little to do with interior decoration per se. But when we talk about millennials, a generation that has been a witness to the digital revolution, it is difficult to isolate the two. First thing, nobody wants to see the unsightly wires, extension cords, and cables. Therefore, wireless keyboards, netbooks, tablets, and dual monitor setups make an office look smart. A game console to pull an all-nighter before a big project is a must.Inspired by our ideas? If you want to give your office, home or retail store the new-age look, contact GDM Interiors, one of the best joinery companies in Dubai. We have our very own joinery workshop in Dubai. We are equipped with high standard machineries to give you the best joinery solutions. Our fitout consultants/contractors in Dubai are well-experienced and can transform any space, residential or commercial, with their skills. For joinery works in Dubai, visit https://www.gdminteriors.com/joinery-companies-dubai/.