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Tejori Gems – Retail Interior Design Case Study

One of the first responsibilities for any designer is to elevate the brand’s image and translate the brand ethos into the design. As one of the leading retail interior design companies in Dubai, GDM interiors has had the opportunity to work on many store design projects and assure clients that their companies are in good hands with us.

Tejori Gems is one of the leading jewelry brands in the UAE and has many outlets spread across the country. GDM Interiors and Tejori Gems have a long and strong relationship. We have designed and executed the interior design for six of their previous outlets. The latest addition to this relationship is the Tejori Gems is their outlet at Souk Madinat Jumeirah.

Historically, we have followed a unique and defining style for designing all the retail outlets of Tejori Gems. Here, the GDM Interiors team took inspiration from the defining style of the store, and the various elements used in all the stores till now.

The store design of Tejori Gems divides the space into three major zones – entrance, seating area/lobby, and the seated table display area. The entrance has displays from floor to ceiling, and all sectors have jewelry displays in some form. The team designed a digital jewelry display for the lobby to serve as an advertising space as well.

Tejori Gems is a brand that is about rich elegance, luxury, and style. We had to make sure that every design element spoke the same language. The chequered dark wood wall panels and the mirror plans add a subtle sheen and style statement to the whole design.

All the displays are glass mounted on rose gold frames, and the seating area has rich suede upholstery with rose gold plated legs. When you walk into the store, you will feel you have stepped into a space that will deliver elegance and luxury in spades.

Another intelligent move by the GDM Interiors team in the store design was the usage of lights. The lighting design here draws attention to all the jewelry displayed in the store but remains hidden in a concealed form.

As one of the trusted retail interior designers in Dubai, all our clients know that they get the best from us. Our in-house manufacturing facility and forty years of experience allow us to deliver the most intricate and exciting designs consistently.

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Marquee – Marina
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Zabeel Contracting
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Marquee DIFC – Salon Interior Design Case Study

GDM Interiors is one of the leading retail interior design companies in Dubai. We have worked across the industry sectors in the last forty years. What has set us apart all these years is our conviction that each industry needs specialized design thinking and attention to detail. Be it a jewelry store, a salon, or a retail outlet – we love making it shine.

The project of the retail interior fit-out for Marquee was no different. A salon comes with many challenges. Right from seating to plumbing outlets to other design elements, we have to pay extra attention to make the people who walk in everyday special. The facade also has to be attractive enough to speak about the brand.

We at the GDM interiors were quite thrilled to design the space for Marquee DIFC. We had a client who knew what they wanted and gave us a perfect brief.

All the client wanted for the Marquee project was to make a spacious salon brimming with elegance and sophistication. They had a contemporary theme in mind with only the best high-end equipment/functionality for their exclusive clientele. We furnished the salon with state of the art lighting, designer mirrors, contemporary furniture, and fixtures to match the client’s brief.

After the interiors, the team had a challenge on their hands for the outer facade.

We wanted the outer facade of the salon to be attractive and in line with the interior design. We also had to limit visibility into the salon as it was a ladies salon, and Dubai zoning regulations mandate us to limit visibility inside the salon service area.

The GDM interior combated this issue by turning the facade into a branding focal point. The spectacular entryway and reception were designed keeping the principles of luxury and elegance as our client wanted. Now, anyone who walks into Marquee will immediately know that this is a brand that is all about premier luxury and high-end services.

We ensured that right from the wall finishes to the ceiling designs to the furniture elements, everything was detailed to the tee.

GDM has an upper hand in such detailed and customized projects as the company is one of the leading retail fit-out companies with an in-house manufacturing facility for everything that is required for a project. We handcraft each element to make it the best.

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