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Metal Fabrication in Dubai

Metals recently have become part of the modern day in interior design whether it is residential, commercial, F&B or any other space. Although widely used in the building industry as building frames, wall and ceiling cladding the decorative side of metals has started to take the center stage in the interior design. Bespoke perforated metals are increasingly used by interior designers Dubai to make a solid statement to their design.

GDM Interiors specializes in incorporating metal such as steel, aluminium and iron within the interior spaces making the design more appealing. Metal coupled or contrasted with other materials such as wood or glass often gives an elegant feel to space. Also they can transform an interior into a piece of art. Aluminium, Steel and Iron are the three types of metal we fabricate.

Stainless Steel Fabrication

Stainless Steel and Mild Steel are the two types of steel we fabricate. Famous for its strength, versatility and value, steel is the most widely used material in construction. A metal fabricator is much needed to bring out the most utility of steel through fabrication and this is when metal fabrication companies find their ways in interior design.

Steel Fabrication involves various techniques applied on basic sections on manufactured steel to transform them into predefined shapes that are ready to install. The steel fabrication process involves a wide range of manipulation techniques such as shot blasting, cutting, blending, welding and coating.

Aluminium Fabrication

Aluminium can either be strong enough to replace steel or light enough to use as cooking foil. GDM Interiors fabricate aluminium to meet client’s interior design needs. We fabricate aluminium at our workshop to produce elegant masterpiece for our fit out or joinery needs where fabrication techniques such as CNC is employed to achieve this.

We as one of the very few well-known fit out contractors in Dubai advice you to integrate this beautiful element into your homes or office spaces for the following reasons:

  • Metals are extremely adaptable to any kind of design and form and can fit stunningly into any space be it commercial or residential
  • They are durable and can withstand wear and tear better than any other materials that are used in interior spaces
  • They are a recyclable material, hence as eco-friendly designers, we always encourage our clients to use metal in their interior spaces

GDM Interiors is not only one of the best fitout companies in Dubai but also in the list of top rated joinery companies. This is because of their flawless joinery products and services. Along with being experts in joinery and bespoke glass fabrication companies in Dubai,

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