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GDM Interiors home interior design in Dubai has perfected the art of delivering dream homes. Our high end residential interior design projects highlight the uncompromising quality of our fit-out works. GDM Interiors has taken on the full residential interior design of several houses including villa residential design in Dubai more noticeably at villas in Jumeirah, Al Satwa, and Emirates Hill. This has involved providing a comprehensive residential interior design solution in Dubai from designing to execution. We pride ourselves on having the most equipped residential interior designers in Dubai and on delivering residential projects to the clients’ satisfaction.

Our Commitment 

GDM Interiors is one of the premier choices forhigh end residential interior design companies in Dubai. If you are looking for Residential Fit Out with luxury home interior design in Dubai then, you have come to the right hands. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their expectations are met, and the final design of their homes is the reflection of their individual tastes and our skilled craftsmanship. The result of our expertise and dedication in the execution of projects on time is high-end residential interior design.


We ensure that we deliver the quality that our customers have come to expect of us. We are well known for using the best finish materials. Not only do we have creative designers and engineers who have vast knowledge and experience in managing luxury house interior design in Dubai, but we also provide tailor-made solutions for home interior design due to our in-house manufacturing unit. The metal and glass fabrications we use are made at our manufacturing unit, ensuring that the end result you get is high quality, and customisable with the best finish material. Our 30,000 sq. ft manufacturing unit is equipped with advanced machinery and has well-skilled carpenters to carry out the furniture works with extreme precision, care, and accuracy. With this commitment and quality in place, we stand out to be one of the residential interior designers.


As an eco-friendly company, GDM Interiors is fully committed to embracing sustainable development. We, at GDM Interiors, encourage the use of recyclable materials like glass. We are experts in fitting out bespoke glass interiors in home interior design in Dubai. As we own a joinery workshop, we make sure that we provide you with high-quality joinery.

Choosing GDM Interiors as your Residential Interior Designers

Interior design can change the face of any space. Any space is incomplete without the right interior design. For home interior design in Dubai, specifically, you have to spend extra attention. Home interior design is a personal decision. This is a place you will spend the most time, and you have to make sure it gets the attention it deserves. From the living room to the master bedroom every little detail will help bring out your personality.

Dubai is the land of luxury and elegance. You spend millions to buy your dream house, so it is only fit that you hire the best residential interior designers. To turn your dream house into a style statement and a personal brand, you need the best house interior design in Dubai.

GDM Interiors is one of the oldest fit-out companies in Dubai providing high end residential interior design services. GDM Interiors has delivered impeccably designed interiors with the best-quality cabinets, furniture, and furnishings for high end clients across the country.

So why should you choose GDM Interiors for your house interior design in Dubai?

The field of house interior design in Dubai has taken some very progressive steps in the last few decades. You need someone who can deliver your expectations and transform your space from your living room to your master bedroom inspired by world trends.

The GDM Interior design team is one of the most professional and helpful among the top residential interior designers in Dubai. Our team pays attention to your needs and then designs the whole concept around them. Our mission is to make every dream of yours come alive. So, you can get high end residential interior design that you dream of.

GDM Interiors is one of the few residential interior designers in Dubai that show you the rendered 3D image of your home decoration before we even give you the quote. Even before you talk money, you know what you are paying for. Now, that’s transparency at its peak.

Also, you may not know this – GDM Interiors has a 40000 sq ft manufacturing facility where everything right wooden cabinets, joineries, furniture, to even metal railings get manufactured. We control the quality at the most basic level to give you the most superior finishes you can even imagine. We source the raw material and transform them into home interior design masterpieces under the careful supervision of our team.

GDM Interiors are the only residential interior designers in Dubai that will guarantee you quality, design aesthetic, and a brilliant turnaround time of 45-60 days even with custom manufactured furniture.

With GDM Interiors as your partner, you don’t even have to lift a finger in home interior design during the whole process. From design to execution to complete finishes, our team will make sure everything is super smooth without any hassle for you.

Don’t look for piecemeal solutions contact GDM Interiors as your trusted residential interior designers and get the best solutions for yourself. Get elegance, luxury, and style in the best way possible.

Frequently asked questions

Residential interior design refers to the designing of interior spaces for private residences. This could be working on the initial planning stage of a project or working on remodelling an already existing residence.

Interior designers gauge space requirements and make interior spaces beautiful and functional by choosing the right decor elements, colours, and materials.

If you are unsure of how to approach the subject with an interior designer, take along some samples or references you may have found regarding the look and feel of the room to give them an idea. You can also mention the budget you have at hand for the project. It is always best to begin by discussing the themes you have in mind or the reasons behind your theme.

Before you choose an interior designer, you should ask the designer about their design style, the services, charges, their experience in designing interiors similar to yours, etc.

The initial consultation with your interior designer will give you the chance to ask them your questions and explain your thoughts about the design themes and ideas. The designer will also ask you certain questions about the scope of work and your ideas to better understand the requirements.

If it is an initial consultation where you would like to know the scope of work and help explain your requirements to the interior designers, you can expect no fees.