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The global shift towards remote working and spending increasingly more time indoors has prompted architects to reach into the interior design trends of the future. Here are some of the predictions that creatives are looking for what the next generation of style will hold. 1. Design-Meets-Tech Artist and designer Atang Tshikare from Cape Town envisions a time when artists will incorporate technology into home designs and will collaborate with tech specialists to create what appears to be a space
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What is Minimalist Interior Design Style?

Posted by Gdmint on  April 19, 2021
A style that has been trending since the past century, minimalist interior design is something that you’ve probably heard of. Mies van der Rohe’s famous quote: “Less is more,” defines the essence of minimalist design. Its roots trace back even further to the Japanese traditional design which shaped its fundamentals. So let’s take a look at what makes a minimalist interior design, shall we? 1. Bare necessities The minimalist approach makes use of essential elements
A fit out is basically an interior designing project where office spaces are renovated to make the office space look more suitable for its relevant work. They are majorly categorized into two, that is, Category A fit outs and Category B fit outs. To get a work space according to your needs, you must hire professionals who are highly skilled and can recommend what will be the best for you according to your vision board.

How to Match Colors in Interior Design

Posted by Gdmint on  March 18, 2021
While walking into a space, be it a home, office, or any other place, we either experience warmth, welcomed while at other times we might just want to walk right out the door. As human beings, we are more responsive to things that we see and as a result, colors play a vital role in influencing our mood, psychological thoughts and responses. It can also affect our physical body in terms of increased metabolism, etc.

Are You Considering an Office Facelift?

Posted by Gdmint on  February 8, 2021
Interior design, specifically office interior design, is always evolving. Our needs with a particular space will evolve over time, so the function and design of that space also need to evolve. Most renovation projects begin because people have different needs from the space than they previously thought. However, renovating a space you reside or work in can be quite hard, and many skip the process primarily because of this. This is true for office interior
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