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best interior design companies dubai
interior design companies in dubai
best interior design companies in dubai

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Luxury Interior Design in Dubai

“Home is where the heart is”

At GDM Interiors, is a leading luxury interior design and award-winning company in Dubai, we believe in quite the opposite of this proverb. We deal with bridging a home to your heart rather than the opposite. We believe in the power of high-quality interior design. A calming design in your living space can also lead to you having a calm mind. Interior design is one of the most important things that can change the look of the space in an instant and that is why we must choose the best interior designers and decorators. Project Management is an essential stage of interior design because it is only that stage that can assure where the entire design is headed towards.

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Frequently asked questions

Interior design is a profession that involves conceptual development of interior spaces, space layout planning, etc. to enhance the interiors of a place and make it aesthetically pleasing and functional for the occupants.

An interior design consultant is involved in the designing, planning, and coordination of the interiors of buildings to tailor them to the needs of the intended users. The consultant listens to the ideas of the potential occupants and offers suggestions and advice based on their expertise.

You can prepare for a consultation by determining your budget and your goals, jotting down your ideas, gathering possible samples of the ideas you have so far, making a list of queries to ask the designers about the possibilities, and exploring what you might like and dislike within the space.

Before you choose an interior designer, you should ask the designer about their design style, the services, charges, their experience in designing interiors similar to yours, etc.

An interior designer consultation can include the conceptualisation for your interior space layout, themes and elements, your vision for the interior space, the designer’s opinions and ideas to bring your concepts to fruition, the time and cost involved, and other relevant details.

Interior designers charge for their services, including design fees and implementation, based on factors like the level of designing, the expertise needed, the size of the interior space, etc.

Most interior designers do not charge for initial consultations.

In case of an initial consultation where you wish to explain the scope of work and your requirements to the interior designers, you can expect no fees.

Interior designers understand a person’s needs to create a space that is functional and work to fulfil those requirements by designing functional spaces. Interior decorators, on the other hand, furnish interiors to create aesthetically pleasing spaces.