How to Find the Best Home Interior Design Company in Dubai?


How to Find the Best Home Interior Design Company in Dubai?

Best home interior design is going to be addressed through the lens of Luxury and Minimalist Interior Design and how it is a fine balance act.

Minimalism is the buzzword everywhere. From Marie Kondo talking about what sparks joy in one of the most popular minimalist celebrities, Steve Jobs, there is no escaping this word. But what does it mean to you when it comes to home interiors and interior design. We have all heard minimalism is not a trend, it is a way of life. Minimalist interior design is a way for you to express that way of life to people who come to your home. Your house is an extension of your personality, so it makes sense that it is in tune with your lifestyle.

Minimalist interior design means designing the interior of your home based on what you need with very few provisions for what you want. You can still have luxury in minimalism. But how? Luxury falls into the want segment, right? Well, let us tell you how you can have your cake and eat it too.

Minimalist Interior design with a whisper of Luxury

Fusion Of Architecture And Interior Design

Luxury today is understanding the interior design elements while accentuating the existing architecture. That is also the principle by which most minimalist interior design projects revolve around. Minimalist home interiors will look luxurious if the fusion between the architectural style and interior design is done well. Highlight the beams, columns, and walls with your interior design instead of hiding them. Minimalism is about exposing what’s underneath.

Monochrome With Color Accents

This trend is something that has garnered praise from the luxury and minimalist wheelhouse. The interior design department here at GDM Interiors loves playing with monochrome rooms with one colorful accent that ties everything together. The quiet elegance of the monochrome with the contrast of a colorful accent can change the whole mood of a room.

Metal To Expand Space

To strike a balance between luxury and minimalism, you must toe the line very carefully. Our interior designers suggest using metal in furniture, partitions, and even artifacts. Hollow structures with sleek metal frames blend with space and make it look bigger. Their presence is felt but not seen – just like a true minimalist space should be.


To go a step further from furniture, storage ideas, and wall treatments, you can use accessories to play with the minimalist and luxury interior style. Use textiles like jute, cotton, and linen for your window treatments, furnishings, and overall accessories. They feel minimalist but bring class and elegance to the whole design.

Function, Form, And Flow

Function, form, and flow – this is the mantra our designers at GDM Interiors follow for all minimalist home interiors that must project luxury too. Every design, every object, and every element must have a clear function, align with the form of the space, and be part of the energy flow of the house. It is only then approved and placed. Interior is a part of your house, and must never overpower the principal energy of the house.

Parting Thoughts

Like we always say, the house is an extension of who you are. It is not any space you inhabit – it is your space. Our team of designers at GDM will make every effort to know you and tailor your home to you. If you are looking for someone to deliver minimalism and luxury for your home interiors, pick up the phone and call us today.

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