How is the Pandemic Shaping Up the Future of Residential Interior Design

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It is said that your home should tell the story of who you are. What makes a house a home? It is the people who live inside and the residential interior design that makes you feel comfortable. Interior designing is the art of turning a common building into something of your own space with personal touches here and there. It is the art of making a space look more alive and aesthetically pleasing. Though some people like to design their place by themselves, it is always advised to seek the help of professionals who can do much more with your mood board or random ideas. Such professionals are called interior designers and there are many agencies or freelance designers who you can go to for amping up your space.

Interior design differs from place to place and depends a lot on what the particular space is meant for. You would not decorate an office space the same way you would decorate your home. Different spaces require different methods and ways to make them look good. It is also an interdisciplinary subject since interior designers need to collaborate with the engineers who construct the building and also the architects who design the structure of the building.

In terms of residential interior design, it is more focused on personalization according to the client’s taste. Since Dubai has a large number of construction activities going on all year round, there are ample places to design. Consequently, this has led to the cropping up of a significant number of interior design companies.

How Companies are dealing with the new normal
Most of the residential interior design companies in Dubai and worldwide have remodeled their business to suit the new normal:
● One of the major challenges is communication between the customer and the working team. For this, companies are making sure to provide their employees with proper work from home (WFH) facilities so that they can easily interact with the clients remotely.
● Online consultations are increasingly becoming popular as people are still skeptical to step out of the safety of their homes.
● In cases where an in-person interaction is essential, companies are making sure that their offices are sanitized regularly to minimize the risk of infection.
● Designers are making more use of the online workspaces to collaborate on projects and reduce the need for going out.

The Future of Interior Design
Here, we have provided you with a glimpse of what interior design will look like post covid:

Functionality above everything: Homeowners are being extremely conscious about their budget nowadays. Due to this, they expect a more functional space than just a seemingly good looking one. Minimalism has taken the world by storm because not only does it make for a multipurpose design but also saves space and money.
Heart of the home – The Living Room: With people spending more time inside their homes, the living room has suddenly become like a grand hall bubbling with activity. People now not only require a chair and a table but also various other accessories such as a game or a snack table. Having a sofa flush with pillows is also in huge demand by people wanting to binge watch and just laze around.
Color Trends: The pandemic has instilled a sense of anxiety amongst most people. Therefore the demand for warmer hues which instill a sense of calm and relaxation among the people is on the rise. Such colors can be greatly helpful in bringing about that much needed mental peace.
Workspace: With companies shifting to the work from home (WFH) model and looking at its viability in the long run, there is an increasing demand to design efficient office space at home.
A More Hygienic Approach: As people become more aware of the importance of having a well-sanitized lifestyle, they are opting for new residential interior design changes to suit the new normal. For example – there has been increasing awareness about the need for proper ventilation in the house to keep the air inside pure and fresh.

The GDM Advantage
GDM Interiors is one of the best luxury interior design company in Dubai. The company offers various interior design services and has the capability to come up with highly creative solutions to complex problems. GDM is great at creating concepts for one’s home. For example, if one is looking for an eco-friendly home, everything from the materials used to the lights to the water flow will be sustainable. Another example would be if a client is looking at space-saving tips, GDM will design furniture that will ensure the room looks big and is airy without compromising on the design. One way on how this can be achieved is by ensuring a lot of the furniture is built on the walls, lighter colors are used for the furniture and the paint, and also, the beds could have storage on the sides and on the headboard.

GDM Interiors has a dedicated social media presence to help you get to know more about the various aspects of interior design. It has worked on various high profile projects such as Sensasia Urban Spa at Palm Jumeirah, Hamac at Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Safari Gems in Dubai, etc. Besides providing online consultation at this time of the pandemic, the company also maintains strict health and hygiene standards in all places where in-person interaction becomes essential.