How To Design A Cool Startup Office?

Startup Office Design

What better way to give a positive head start to your business than by implementing cool decor in your office space? The way you design your office space plays an important role in determining how well are you able to drive the work culture that you’ve envisioned.

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Meanwhile, these tips can come handy when you are planning your office decor:

1. Let the office space reflect the company’s values: One of the best ways to decorate your office is to keep it in sync with your products or services, your company’s values and missions. There are several ways to do this; one good option is to highlight your company’s motto. Showcase it on the office walls in common areas like reception and cafeterias. Another good option is to use your brand’s colour schemes on the walls. You can also choose furniture items in vibrant colours that match with the colour scheme of your logo.

2. Focus on books as primary decor elements: The obsession to get more knowledge and insights is typical to most startups. You can highlight this character in your office space by focusing on books as decor elements. Instead of spending money on trendy showpieces, invest in books related to your business industry. Keep multiple bookshelves and showcase the books to add a library-like vibe to the office space. You can even opt for built-in bookshelves to accessorise the walls of your office space.

3. Create a lounging space: All work and no play makes an employee a dull person. A cool breakout area is integral to an energized and creative workplace. Bright coloured seating can reflect the company’s corporate colours. As the break-out area is meant for informal meetings, have high stools bean bags, and chairs. Basically, furniture that can help relax. A gaming zone that has video games and pool table can help infuse a sense of fun into your workplace.

4. Opt for collaborative spaces: Collaborative spaces are one of biggest trends in the office decor world. Instead of having separate cubicles in your office, get collaborative spaces designed. The biggest benefit of implementing this decor idea is improvement in operational efficiency.
Dedicate rooms for teams to collaborate and brainstorm. Create an open, unified space in the main operations floor so that executives can better coordinate among themselves and with team leaders.

5. Bring in greenery: Greenery works wonders in elevating the ambience of any given space. Use indoor plants such as cupressus gold crest, bromelia, alocasia polly, spathiphyllum, and azalea to add a refreshing look to your office space.