Interior Design Trends That Will Rule in 2023

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As the after-effects of the pandemic recede, people are finally returning to their everyday routines. Even though it put a huge dent in many lives, it brought us closer to our homes, and it is safe to say that love is here to stay. Before letting you in on the residential interior designing trends that will rule in 2023, we just want you to know that it’s your home, create it the way that matches your vibe. So hop on and enjoy the ride for the high-end residential interior design trends that will make their way into your dream home this—2023.

Interior Design Trends That Will Rule In 2023!

  • Holding Onto History-  History repeats itself. And this has been proven time and again in fields like fashion, cars, and especially in interiors. Dusky lighting, mahogany woods, glass jars for kitchens, exposed metals, and vintage designs in interiors have always been a classy way to go if you love the classy and antique pieces are your guilty pleasure.
  • Sustainability goes a long way-  Be it DIY home decor, rattan furniture, or cork wallpapers, sustainability will continue brightening your space this year. This design trend should be the one everyone must adopt sooner or later since the world isn’t going to revive by itself. Be eco-conscious about everything in your life.
  • More Ethereal Transparent Touches- Light and airy tinted design, ruffles, laces, and shimmers that let you feel free and dreamy. According to Pinterest, all of them are making their way to the top trending interior designs in 2023.
  • The Millesimals Style- If you belong to Generation Y, this might be the year for you. An intense and passionate approach to interiors, spaces built with valuable works of art, clean neutral lines, black elements, and outstanding objects compose a relaxed and lively interior design for the millennials.

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  • Wellness Space Area- Since covid hit, mental health awareness has increased exponentially. Meditation rooms, indoor gardens, or small water bodies can rejuvenate your mental and physical health. All this brings a calm and positive atmosphere to your space and makes your interior look nature driven and balanced.
  • The Re-return of Color- A luxurious palette of moody blues, soothing greens, and warm earthy tones are all set to dominate your space with extravagant hues.
  • Natural Stone Finishes- Nature spreads its vines all across homes this year. Imperfect pieces of stone like soapstone, slabs of granite, travertine, marble, and limestone make countertops, coffee tables, flooring, and backsplashes are some ways to incorporate this trend and your space connected to nature. The scratches that come with the usage, of course, make it look even suaver and add patina to your accessories, giving off that vintage look.

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