Modern restaurant interior design and its basics

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In the age of social media aesthetics, restaurants are as much about the magnificent decor as it is about mouth-watering delicacies. People aren’t just looking for great food and amazing service, they also ask for beautifully crafted indoors which appeal to their aesthetic senses and help them feel truly happy. This is why restaurant interior design has come to be of crucial importance in recent times. The beautiful ambience, snap-worthy little corners, and spectacular décor can be the reason why countless people would keep flocking to your restaurant, leading to a booming business.

If you’re looking for interior designers in Dubai, GDM Interiors would be the best solution for you. But before we get into that part, let us take a peek at some of the basics of modern-day restaurant designs.

1. The first section of restaurant design basics is seemingly arguable. It revolves around minimizing the usage of white colour in your interior design idea. There are two sides to this coin.

From the perspective of a visitor, walking into a restaurant that has been coloured in hues of white imbibes a sense of purity, sophistication and trust into the minds of the visitor. This has primarily been the reason why the hotel industry has made rampant usage of this particular colour over the past few decades. However, from the point of view of an interior designer, keeping away from white tones would be a better idea, considering the fact that it tends to get discoloured and dirty very easily and maintenance of the interior can be a hassle.

2. The next aspect would be attention to detail. There has been no general thumb rule when it comes to restaurant interior design. However, the interior designer needs to take a proper look at the space and implement such design ideas that would improve the functionality of every tiny space while keeping the aesthetics intact. Keeping the recent situation in mind, curating private little nooks to provide complete privacy and safety to visitors can be a great idea. Incorporating photo booths or Instagram-friendly corners can be a huge crowd-catching idea as well. Even themed cafes, based on a particular movie franchise or TV show fandom, are very much in trend nowadays.

3. The third factor is spacing. Spacing doesn’t necessarily mean leasing a huge common space for your restaurant. Making the most out of the available space, while making your guests feel comfortable and uncongested is the real deal.

4. Breaking away from the stereotypical design, using technology to create something absolutely unique can be another way to attract people to your restaurant. Ask your interior designers to not follow any repetitive clichéd trends rather to curate something completely out of the box.

5. Inclusive and accessible. Incorporate interior design ideas that reek of inclusivity. For instance, having an inclined plane at the entrance that is wheelchair-friendly or installing special accommodation for the specially-abled can be the USP that makes your restaurant stand out.

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