Questions We Ask Before Starting A Project

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Questions We Ask Before Starting A Project

Choosing a competent and compatible interior designer today can be a hard task. With many leading companies existing in the home interior design industry in Dubai, how do you select the one for you? Well, you know they say it’s not just the interviewer’s questions that matter – it is the interviewee’s too. Similarly, what the interior design firm asks you is as important as what they are telling you. Sometimes the questions can make all the difference in elevating the final product.

At GDM Interiors, our approach to residential interior design is on the same lines. We ensure that our design team gets their time with the clients to ask important questions. These questions and the answers help us frame the idea board and submit our designs to you. We are one of the few companies that submits designs first and quotes come second.

So, what do we ask our clients?

Questions from our Home Interior Design Team


As clients, we don’t expect you to tell us right away whether you are leaning towards a contemporary or rustic design style or aesthetic. But, our design team feels that understanding what design style and overall aesthetic you align with, helps embark on a constructive design process. Good design is very subjective and it is your space at the end of the day. We prefer to see what photos and color schemes you like and construct a mood board from those images. That means when you get the 3D designs from our team for your home, it has captured your imagination sufficiently.

Design Goals

Irrespective of what design you choose, designers need additional details from you, and that’s the goal you have in mind. It could be that you want the house to be elegant chic, royal, or ooze comfort all around. Design goals can also be along the lines of kid-friendly interiors, sustainable interiors, nature-centric interior designs, etc. In residential interior design, our team works on incorporating these design goals into the final design. We ask you these so that the home interior design turns out both functional and aesthetic.


This is a very important question to achieve the objectives of the design process comprehensively. Whether it is a new home or a remodel, our designers and contractors will ask you what is that aspect you love and hate the most in that space. We prefer to string the whole design around these spaces you love. We also take up the challenge of transforming an undesirable corner into the most loved spot of the house.

Finer Details

Last, but not least, we prefer knowing the minute details of the project ahead of time. This way, components like budget, timeline, furnishing preference, and other specifics get ironed out before we begin, therefore ensuring we are on the same page.

GDM Interiors

GDM Interiors has managed to be one of the leading interior design companies and consultants in Dubai by asking the right questions from the get-go itself. In a competitive landscape of home interior design in Dubai, we have delivered quality, design, and aesthetic consistently to all our clients.

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