The secrets to designing your home, according to an interior designer

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The secrets to designing your home, according to an interior designer

Are you someone who loves thumbing through every interior design magazine out there? Do you redo your home every year to match your mood, the year’s theme, or trends? Have you always dreamt of commissioning the top residential interior design firm to work on your home? Well, if you answered yes to even one of these questions, you should definitely scroll for the rest of the article.

Residential interior design is so complex and beautiful because of its endless possibilities and changing trends. There is something for everyone here, and some designers tend to hit the mark in every project. At GDM Interiors, we have such a stellar design team that has enthralled and delighted all of our customers to date.

So, we would love to share some of the company’s well-kept and amazing secrets, so you can see the latest in home interior design trends in Dubai.

Home Interior design secrets from Designers

Color theme

Our designers have this fool-proof formula of home interior design themes around colors. If you are looking to remodel your home and are stuck on what should be the unifying underlying language, choose colors. You can choose a popular theme like the color of the year and stick to the tried and tested dark tones with neutral elements. If you like playing with colors, you must have a dark black or navy wall with a light wood accent or cabinets to bring out the contrast. Trust us, it works every time.


You can definitely not go wrong with selecting sustainability. Environment conscious is not only morally right but is also good financially and aesthetically too. [H1] Heated curtains, smart lights, sustainable fabrics, eco-friendly wood, and natural paints are just some of the avenues you can explore. There has never been a better time to care about our planet, and there are many reputed brands with admirable products in this sector today.

Play with the Space

Every designer knows that great design comes from embracing the space in all its shapes and forms and not shying away from it. Every beam, column, and awkward space is an opportunity waiting to be unlocked. Play with a small powder room by placing long mirrors to make the space bigger and embrace a sloping roof to create an attic. By using space as design inspiration, you can truly turn your home interior design into a masterpiece.

Light Matters

Residential interior design becomes magical when art meets functionality. The designers at GDM Interiors – an interior design firm in Dubai, have always come to the magical moment when they explore light and design fixtures along with it. From choosing to amplify natural light with earthy tones to using pendant lights to create drama in a common space like the living room, entertainment room, or dining room – you have a lot of options. Your design will become complete and superior only when the light fixtures blend and enhance the space.

Statement Pieces

As designers, we love drama. We like that one thing that makes you stop, wonder, and turn back. And that is exactly what statement pieces do for your home too. Home interior design trends in Dubai are about giving your home a personality. The house should have its own language, and statement pieces such as art pieces, antique clocks, or statues, etc are the punches. They hook your visitors in and even engage you when you inhabit that space. That one dramatic piece can just change the whole vibe of a home and make it a talking point.

GDM Interiors

GDM Interiors has been working in the fit-out and home interior design space in Dubai for four decades now. We have worked on some landmark projects across the UAE delivering dream homes one after the other. Our company believes in delivering excellence and is backed by a dreamy design team and towering manufacturing facility. We create all our fixtures in-house so your home is in safe hands with us.

Call us today for design ideas and start an exciting journey with us.