5 Ways That Interior Design Influences Your Mood

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An interior design is not just about how it looks on the surface. It’s about creating a whole feeling to make the space feel more homely and a part of you. Scroll down as we enlist FIVE ways that interior design can influence your mood.

1. Color Choice

Color choice is one of the most important elements in interior design. Color can play a major role in how your mood affects you.

The first thing you need to understand about color is that it has a psychological effect on the brain. Looking at bright colors and patterns has a more stimulating effect on your brain than other colors. However, this does not mean that all bright colors are good for you. Some people find certain patterns and colors uncomfortable or even painful. For example, green and blue are on top of the list of all colors for enhancing the concentration of dopamine, but this might not be the same for a person who has trauma-related experience with the same color.

When it comes to interior design, there are several different types of rooms that you can create with different types of color schemes. You can go for a neutral color scheme if you want something simple and understated, or you can go for a more vibrant theme like reds or oranges if you want something bolder and brighter. The key is finding out what kind of mood you want your room to create so that your house will also reflect this mood. A competent interior designer in Dubai can provide you with the best advice on choosing a color for your room.

2. Use of Space

Interior Designer Dubai

According to a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, people who have a well-designed home are happier than those who don’t. The study found that people with larger homes and more space reported greater happiness levels.

The researchers also found that people with “open” spaces, such as open floors and large windows, were happier than those with closed spaces, such as small rooms and limited views. They also found that people with nicer furniture were happier than those with housing designed for functionality, such as kitchen counters made from particle board rather than natural materials like wood or stone.

3. Soothing Lighting

Lighting is a dynamic component that can subtly influence our moods. The best way to change this is by using dimmer switches or lamps with built-in timers. This will keep your home from being too bright when you want it to be dark or too dark when you want it to be bright. In addition, dimmer light fixtures will allow you to use less energy than bright lights, which are also more expensive to run.

4. Feng Shui

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Feng shui is an ancient art that is still practiced today. It is a way to bring balance, peace, and prosperity into your life. Feng shui incorporates geometry, astronomy, and physics principles into the art of designing a home or building. The idea behind Feng Shui is that everything in nature has energy or spirit, which can also be applied to our homes and buildings.

Feng Shui uses color, shape, placement, and number to create balance in your home. For example, if you have a large window in your living room that faces the street, you may want to place a sofa there so that you don’t feel like someone could be watching from outside your window.

5. Personality

Interior design can be a great way to express your personality. It’s an art form that can help you express your style and show off your sense of humor. You might choose a bright and fun color scheme or go for something more neutral. You can even incorporate some special touches, like a favorite quote or special photo, into the design of your home.

You can also use interior design to make a statement about who you are as an individual — showing off your love of animals with the decorating choices in your living room or using white furniture with pops of color in the kitchen.

In The End…

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