7 Savvy Interior Designing Tips to Transform your Home

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Spring is here! Now that you’ve got all the cleaning and organising done, it is time to breathe a new life into your home. Redecorating, whether a simple mantle refresh or a complete room makeover, has the power to turn any space into the room of your dreams. That’s where we come in, the experts at GDM Interiors, help you find inspiration and design your space that reflects your personality.

So, what are you waiting for? Read on to start transforming your dream space!

1. Choose lighting that makes a statement

Lighting up your living room needs to be thought through – it needs to look good to create a first impression and balance the atmosphere with practicality. Pick lighting that looks good – don’t feel compelled to match or coordinate the pieces. The table lamps on the fire mantel are not only unusual but also a complete contrast to the large, pink ceiling pendant.

Interior designing tips

A living room with lighting pieces that make a statement that do not necessarily match or coordinate. Source: Nicola Hicks Designs

2. Buy industrial style furniture

For an exciting and urban look to your space, add a combination of tough materials, such as galvanised metal, painted enamel, or concrete and timber.

It will make a bold statement so balance it out with light and neutral-coloured walls, vintage décor pieces, and an ample number of plants and flowers.

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A dining room with industrial style furniture paired with light coloured wall, tabletop and cabinet and flowers. Source: David Cleveland

3. Create a gallery wall

Make your walls interesting by grouping pictures to create a gallery. These can be based on any theme – children’s artwork from school, family pictures, or even artwork from various artists. You can be as creative as combining black and white photographs and coloured – the idea is to make it as unique as possible and reflect your style.

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A gallery of family photos on a wall.

4. Build a bar

Get crafty with building a bar! If you have an empty wall that you want to put to practical use – you can convert it into a home bar.

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A built-in home bar in a study room. Source: Simon Upton

5. Spice up that cocktail table

The cocktail table is the centrepiece of your living room. While it serves a functional purpose, it is also a way for you to show off your personality. Create collections and combine pieces of different heights, textures and even time. Add books to create height and add layers. All this, while leaving room for your drink!

A coffee table and fireplace in a living room. Source: Melissa Rufty Design Studio

6. Show off your backsplash

Tiles can make a statement in kitchen and bathrooms. A kitchen is much more than its appliances and cabinet. Get crafty with the backsplash in the kitchen and showcase your style.

A tile backsplash in blue in the kitchen. Source: Joshua Mchugh

7. Introduce Lush Indoor Plants

Going green is the easiest way to transform your living space. They are also easy to integrate them into an empty corner or next to a large-scale wall-art to generate a higher impact.

Plants and flowers shown in a living room. Source: Wendy Haworth Design

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