The Dynamic Trends That Will Change the Offices of the Future

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Three types of commercial fit outs Shell and Core, Category A, and Category B.

People spend the majority of their day at work. It is like their second home. Therefore, the way a workplace is designed has a significant influence on them, both on a personal and professional front. While an office should be a pleasant sight – it should also ensure that people stay healthy and are productive.

Work is changing so the workspace must change too. We have identified three key trends that workplace designers and users need to focus on.

  1. Design with a circular economy model in mind – it is a sustainable approach wherein, the retaining and refurbishing of materials is a priority over demolition. By doing so, we can extend the life of the buildings and allow resources to be restored and reused. Furthermore, future workplaces need to ensure that greater energy-efficient resources are installed, to reduce costs and meet global emissions targets.
  2. Build flexible workspaces aimed at bridging the gap between home and traditional workplaces. Increasing sensors that recognise and adapt to their users’ needs, for example, preferences for lighting levels and temperatures, can save energy. New technologies for future workplaces such as voice and mood sensors in offices could bridge the gap between a virtual and face-to-face conversation.
  3. People first – in a time when the size of the human workforce may decrease the value of employees to an organisation will only increase. Organisations are beginning to realise that their people are the most valuable asset. A workplace must be designed to keep physical, environmental, social and psychological aspects in mind.

The following figure is a Holistic and Wellbeing Assessment at Work model by AECOM. It suggests that there are six dimensions of health

  • Physiological – such as fatigue or physical stress
  • Psychological – such as mental and emotional health
  • Social – feeling connected to with colleagues
  • Values – aligning the organisation’ and individual’s values
  • Material – a culture that promotes fair terms of employment and rewards
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“Holistic and Wellbeing Assessment At Work” model by AECOM that recommends designs address these six dimensions that contribute to an individual’s health.

Keeping that into consideration, many leading organisations are leaning towards hiring professional office fit out services.

What is Office Fit Out?

Fit out is a term used to define a process wherein, office spaces are developed according to the needs of the people occupying the office.

What is the Process in an Office Fit Out?

While there is no process, an organisation does need to decide between the three types of Office Fit outs, namely – Shell & Core, Category A (CAT A), and Category B (CAT B).

What is The Meaning of These Three Terms?

  • Shell and core – this is merely the framework that is ready to have all utilities such as power and heating installed, and interiors fitted. This is the least common option for any business that is looking to move into a ready-made space. Businesses that are looking to fit out the workspace to their needs will go for this option.
  • CAT A – a place in this category is ready to move in with only bare essentials. A Cat A place will have services such as electrical outlets, heating and air conditioning, toilets, fire protection systems, and basic decorations will all be in place.

A typical example of a CAT A office fit out. Source: Paramount Optimising Space

  • CAT B – this is when things start to get interesting. This is when an organisation starts to turn its Cat A into a space that reflects the firm’s style. At this stage, the business will partner with its fit out service vendor to design a workplace that ensures the wellbeing of its workforce.
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A typical example of a CAT B office Fit Out. Source: Paramount Optimising Space

Recently, however, Category A+ has been introduced to the world of office fit outs. CAT A+ is a win-win for both the landlord and the tenant. The CAT A+ space has all the elements of a CAT A, but with the added features of a simple CAT B fit out. This allows the tenants to move in and start operations straight away. These are great options especially for start-ups and SMEs, who can add a touch of their personality to an already functioning office.

Although co-working spaces have grown tremendously in the past few years, CAT A+ provide companies with an alternative. Moreover, it gives them freedom to businesses to have their own space, a factor extremely important to some companies.

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