9 Design Trends We’ll Be Seeing in the Near Future

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The global shift towards remote working and spending increasingly more time indoors has prompted architects to reach into the interior design trends of the future. Here are some of the predictions that creatives are looking for what the next generation of style will hold.

1. Design-Meets-Tech

Artist and designer Atang Tshikare from Cape Town

envisions a time when artists will incorporate technology into home designs and will collaborate with tech specialists to create what appears to be a space in which craft and technology are working hand-in-hand.

2. Biophilic designs

Being cocooned in our homes has increased the ambition to get in touch with nature and see a more lush space around us. However, architect Serban Ionescu from New York explains that the future will welcome the wild side of nature that is different from an organized botanical themed design and more jagged & free flowing.

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3. Low waste living

As interior design companies in Dubai incorporate sustainability into more of their decor they predict that responsible, eco-friendly designs will be adopted in multi-functional furniture & energy-saving appliances to bring styles that are more functional and sustainable in the future.

4. Flexible Furniture (home office and remote learning)

As many have shifted various aspects of our lives – school, work, leisure in our homes, interior designers in Dubai forecasts more flexible furniture. More clients will look for innovative solutions that allow for socially distanced seating & manage small spaces like a desk that converts into a dining table or modular seating that can be assembled to create a sofa.

5. A DIY Approach (may change this)

Many people have been getting crafty with interior design in Dubai with new  projects as they refurbish their homes with materials readily available at the local hardware store. Designers predict this trend might just deliver a new design aesthetic with unique decor styles.

6. Global influence

Creatives predicts a recentering of more chic global styles   within design narratives that welcome diversity into living spaces. Bold designs and vibrant colour schemes will be shaping home interiors and will allow residents to show off their personal creativity with a fusion of cultures.

7. Wellness at home

Wellness focused interior design is an on growing design culture that is influencing more people. Designers say we will now see built in-home spas as a means of de-stressing with more natural lighting in bathrooms & spaces that influence overall wellbeing.

8. Commercial and office spaces with a more pared-down look

The recent trends in offices were to create an atmosphere that was parallel to homes and provided homelike amenities but creatives state that there will be a stronger emphasis now on employee safety and sterilized surroundings. Joseph Algieri envisions a sterilizing aesthetic shift following through into color and material palettes.

9. A focus on what’s essential

The pandemic is shifting our focus less to the things of vanity and more towards a life of domestic inclination and appreciation. Mark Grattan of Mexico City predicts that fashion that focuses on the spectator just almost as much as the actual will be less in the limelight and the immediate self and surrounding will take its place. Utilising personal spaces and enjoying them more efficiently will be the novel focus.