What is Minimalist Interior Design Style?

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A style that has been trending since the past century, minimalist interior design is something that you’ve probably heard of. Mies van der Rohe’s famous quote: “Less is more,” defines the essence of minimalist design. Its roots trace back even further to the Japanese traditional design which shaped its fundamentals. So let’s take a look at what makes a minimalist interior design, shall we?

1. Bare necessities

The minimalist approach makes use of essential elements in an open layout with light, form & beautiful materials that blend amiably into the setting. It can be used to adorn a home interior design with a single artwork or a few details without excessive ornamentation.

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2. Limit your colour palette

The colour scheme that’s popular with minimalist designs consists of monochromatic shades like whites, greys & nude tones. You could add a bit of vibrance with hues of primary colours with a cushion here & a showpiece there but the bottom line should stick to neutral colours.

3. Clean lines

Minimalism spaces are recognizable for their clutter-free & clean spaces.

If you’re looking to create a high-end residential interior design with minimalism stick to straight lines, smooth curves & simple shapes with furniture that focus on functionality and emphasises the essential nature of each item.

high-end residential interior design

4. Achieve balance through a focal point

Focal points are aspects that lead the viewer’s attention. When planning a new layout for a room, centrepieces, art pieces, or even furniture can play the role of the focal point in your space. Large paintings with vibrant colours or an iconic vase contrast well with neutral atmospheres.

5. Let in the natural light

Daylighting the interiors in your home can make your spaces look larger and more lively. It complements light coloured walls & stays true to the essence of a minimalist style.

6. Combine different shades and textures

Introducing a range of textures to your residential interior design  can make a dull space more captivating. For instance, using soft woollen fabrics and a rug in the living room can add a sense of visual calm while brightening up your room.

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