Are You Considering an Office Facelift?

Office Facelift

Interior design, specifically office interior design, is always evolving. Our needs with a particular space will evolve over time, so the function and design of that space also need to evolve. Most renovation projects begin because people have different needs from the space than they previously thought. However, renovating a space you reside or work in can be quite hard, and many skip the process primarily because of this. This is true for office interior fit-out projects especially as closing the space indefinitely can lead to loss of revenue for the company which nobody wants.

Office Facelift

Office renovation or office facelift comprises many activities. It could be design-related like a branding-related design change or a major renovation where the seating capacity, infrastructure, and utilities have to be upgraded. It is a laborious process with clear and closely connected implications on the bottom line for every organization. The entire process including the specifications, expectations, design, and timeline has to be mapped out clearly with the office fit-out professionals to avoid any confusion later on.

Why is it a good time to get the pending Office Facelift done

The year 2020 was a challenging year for everyone. The world froze under the weight of the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus ravaged the world with travel restrictions and curtailments on social gatherings, while majority of the workforce was either forced to work from home or stop work temporarily. Post the lockdown, companies were looking to transform their spaces either to have more social distance or revamp their existing space, which could save them money. And, this is where we at GDM Interiors could help you with the same.

Important Points to Consider

  1. Structural Integrity – Before you embark on any renovation, you must investigate the structural integrity of the space with the office fit-out professionals so that you can make efforts to safeguard it properly.
  2. Involve employees in the process – It is their workspace too, and involving employees in the initial process will give you valid inputs to improve the space. They can also help the design team understand the pros and cons of every space and model the facelift accordingly.
  3. Timeline – Once you have decided on the requirements, it is time to freeze the timeline. Do not go overboard so that the timeline becomes hard to manage and ensure that the contractor commits an itemized timeline for completion.
  4. Office fit-out Professionals – The office fit-out professionals you hire will decide the success of the project. You need someone with expertise, experience, and creativity to work on the office facelift project based on the unique requirement you have.
  5. Branding – In the process of office interior design, you must not lose the brand ethos of the company. The subsequent finished product also must be in line with the branding designed for the firm.

GDM Interiors – Leading Office fit-out professionals in Dubai

GDM Interiors is one of the leading companies dealing with office fit-out in Dubai. The company has an accomplished team of office fit-out professionals that has transformed many office spaces for reputed organizations in the city.

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