Defining Corporate Culture Through Thoughtful Office Design

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Defining Corporate Culture Through Thoughtful Office Design

“The creative workplace is based on a triangle with three vertices – culture, method, – and people.” – Pearl Zhu.

If you had any doubts about the importance of office work culture, then this quote should clear all that right up. There have been countless debates on what drives corporate culture and how companies can cement the best workplace culture. But, no one can define the role of office design in propagating and maintaining the said culture.

Curious as to how something so removed from the actual workplace structure as office fit out or office interior design can have a direct effect on it? Read on to know more.

Predominant Corporate Cultures and Office Design

As one of the leading office fit out companies in Dubai, GDM Interiors has worked with popular corporate companies for office design and fit-out projects. What our team has observed over the years is that there are some common corporate culture frameworks and office design correlations described below :


In the hierarchy-based corporate culture, the office design focuses on clearly demarcating the power structure. This culture is a traditional model wherein the top management stays in corner offices and cabins, while workstations with sub-cabins are for the mid-level and lower-level management. Such designs help clearly define all the roles and set the expectation right.


This workplace culture model is popular where an organization has many teams working under them, and teamwork is essential for productivity. Here the workstations may be designed for proximity within team members while maintaining a safe but communicable distance from other teams. The higher management here still may follow a cabin/closed office structure for authority establishment.


The linear structure or culture is gaining momentum today in the startup and millennial-dominant organizations. Here the power flow is dynamic, and there are no defined power structures. The office design here is mostly open where anyone can interact with anyone, and you will very rarely find assigned seating. Here, the office design concentrates on building employee and employer relationships in a more open environment.

Defining your corporate culture via Office Design

Now that you know how office design helps influence your workplace culture, you may be wondering how you can model your office to your needs. Well, we are here to help you.

GDM Interiors today is one of the top office fit out companies in Dubai and can assist you in your office design projects end to end.

Our design team begins with understanding your corporate culture and the role of different departments in your office. We work on the office design to reflect your values, mottos, and brand image in totality. Your brand and values must reflect across the space to tell your employees what they can expect from your company and what is expected of them as well.

GDM Interiors

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