GDM’s Commercial Fit Out Project for Nandos


GDM’s Commercial Fit Out Project for Nandos

When we talk about commercial fit out projects, we realize the project has to deliver much more than just design, joinery detail, and finishes. A commercial fit-out project is a branding exercise for all companies. The quality, design, and finesse of the fit out projects reflect and speak for the company’s products, working model, and customer base as well.

When GDM gets involved in any commercial fit-out project, our equation with the owners is different than it would be for any other design company. We consider ourselves more than a vendor, we ensure we work as the company’s team members and deliver a united front at all times right from branding to design to quality.

The Nandos Project – Restaurant Design and Commercial Fit Out Project

We all love Nandos here in Dubai, don’t we? So, when GDM Interiors got to work on one of Nando’s outlets at Dubai Mall, we realized this project is going to be special. Restaurant design always presents an opportunity to work from scratch while exploring the intersection of design and restaurant branding.

This particular outlet of Nandos at Dubai Mall has been designed as a place that gives a very easy-going vibe to the dinner. Our team of designers working on this commercial fit-out project did that by incorporating a multifunctional space with couch seating booths that doubled up as a lounge as well. The design also accommodated a bar, sit down dining areas, and a small reception.

We kept the design to a feel of a modern eclectic interior while maintaining the standards and overall theme that Nandos has always projected in all of its outlets. It allowed our design team to push the boundaries and highlight the whole project. We knew that location-wise, Nandos had hit the jackpot – so we wanted our interiors to attract the maximum footfall into the establishment.

While the design team had done its part, our commercial fit-out team on the ground did not want to be left behind. As this was a turnkey project for us, we handled all the end-to-end operations. We manufactured custom furniture, wall elements, ceiling elements, and handled the procurement for all other accessories.

The tables, the chairs, and even the criss-cross lattices on the walls were done by our team, painstakingly assembled piece by piece to make the design come alive. The leather of the upholstery matched perfectly with the wooden and metal design elements, much to the delight of our customers.

Our ground team handled all coordination and execution with multiple subcontracts seamlessly to deliver the project in only 45 days.

Nandos is today a company-favorite project with all wings of GDM Interiors flocking together to make the project what it is today.

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