Design Ideas for Small Retail Spaces

Retail Spaces Design

Do you have a small retail space? Do you think it looks cramped? If yes, then you are on the right page. As commercial space comes at a premium, retail stores are getting smaller. For many small brands, a small retail store can be their big ticket to brand recognition and success.  Just because you have a small retail space doesn’t mean you are at a disadvantage. With creative interior design ideas, your small retail store can create a big impression.

Here are a few simple yet great design ideas that will get most out of  your small retail space:

1. Create a window effect:  Windows open up a small space and make it seem larger. This is one trick that every designer swear by. Adding a skylight or window can make your retail store look big and luxurious. You can turn your walls into large glass panels.  The glass panels will not only make your shop look bigger, but they can also use them to can create attractive window displays that will draw in more customers. If there’s no provision of having a window, install faux window decals that make a small retail space less claustrophobic.

2. Think of the exterior of the store: This sounds counterintuitive as a small retail shop will have a small display window space. A high-quality signage or a clever window display is an easy way and effective way to drive consumer traffic. In brick-and-mortar stores, the exterior of the shop is as important as websites are for online businesses. A digital signage makes it easy to announce sales and advertise events. The exterior of a store is the first impression customers have of your business.

3. Don’t underestimate the power of the walls: Your retail space might be small, but thinking little outside the box can help your brand create a unique shopping experience for your customers. While accents and furniture will occupy a lot of space, use vertical space to decorate the wall and display your products on it. This will not take up much of your floor space, leaving space for customers to explore freely.

4. Make sure the store is well-illuminated: Lighting is important in any small retail shop as there are corners which not well-lit and space may get wasted. To make use every inch of space, make sure all the corners are well-lit. You can use a combination of lights. You can also go for illuminated corner posts that can be used to display your products and make awkward corners special.

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