Design Ideas for Uber Cool Game Zone at Office

Game Zone Design Ideas

All work and no play can make anybody a dull person, be it, children or adults. This one of the reasons why many companies are putting efforts into creating spaces in the office where employees can relax, play and unleash the inner child in them. Besides breakout areas, a game zone is a great place to inculcate a sense of community and retain talent. A game zone provides mental respite while employees are busy chasing deadlines and holding marathon meetings. However, building a game zone isn’t just about placing a ping pong table or a pool table. Designing a game zone can be fun if you put careful thought into it and inject the values that your company stands for.

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A game zone is a great place to boost the productivity and creativity of employees. We, at GDM interiors, specialise in enhancing the visual look of the workspaces, be it office, factory or retail spaces. We make sure that design elements at your office are fun and yet reinforce a business’s core values. From interior design planning to execution, GDM Interiors provide bespoke solutions for offices and workspaces. As a part of our service, we also offer free interior fit-out consultation. If you are looking for fit out contractors in Dubai, visit

Here are a few ideas to inject fun design elements into your office’s game zone:

1. Let the colours talk: It goes without saying vibrant colours can take the overall look of your office from drab to delightful. Bright colours can help you infuse a cherry vibe and at the same time, it can be used to instil the brand value. Basically, your game zone can be a nice mix of fun and professional values that the company wants to showcase. A branded pool table is a cool way to connect with your employees.

2. Flexible design: The game room doesn’t necessarily have to be a room. It can be an extended part of the breakout area. Different flooring colours can create a visual demarcation. There can be a pool table in the centre while the corners can have plush sofas and seats for those who wish not to play. Keep board games and card games for those who love playing that while sitting.

3. Have a wall dedicated to employees: Having an entire wall of the office dedicated to employees is not only a great way to brighten up the workspace but also one of the best ways to infuse a sense of belongingness. Photos of philanthropic activities, off-sites and other team-building activities can make for great wall decor. Glancing at these photos periodically will remind make them of the good times they had.

4. Creative furnishing: A stunning game room can make office hours seem less exhausting. To increase the comfort quotient of the game zone, keep quirky sofa and chairs, bean bags and even mattresses so that employees can relax the way they want to. A few potted plants can give a feeling of the outdoors. A scribbling board where employees can write fun messages can be interesting. It can also help in holding an impromptu brainstorming session.

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