How to Design the Outside Area of Your Restaurant

Outside Area Designs

How inviting your restaurant looks largely depends on the design you choose for your business’s physical facade. In fact, the exterior look is one of the most important factors to leverage in order to drive more traffic to your restaurant.

Whether you are working on the exterior design of your new restaurant or planning to redesign the entrance, there’s always room for you to transform the look into a customer-centric one.

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Here are a few ideas to help you plan the exterior look of your restaurant:

1. A professional business sign: Paying attention to creating a professional business sign is a good approach to get started on your journey to give your restaurant’s exterior design a purposeful makeover. A well-designed business sign on your restaurant’s facade signals that you are passionate about what you have to offer. If you already have a restaurant logo designed, recreate the fonts and colours used. Sticking to specific illustrations, fonts, and colour schemes is the tried and true secret to improve the branding of your restaurant.

2. Outdoor seating/dining space: Have a sizeable space in your restaurant’s outdoor space? Utilise it the best way possible by transforming it into a seating/dining space. To create a picturesque sidewalk café look using the outdoor utility space, place attractive tables and chairs. Accessorise the space with patio umbrellas, fresh flowers, and complimentary snacks. When styling the outdoor seating/dining area, make sure to keep it in line with the concept of your restaurant.

3. Advertising the inside out: If you have planned a stunning establishment inside your restaurant, advertising it will act as an irresistible draw for the passersby. To promote inside/outside visibility, use glass screens instead of the old fashioned concrete walls. Glass screens work wonders in portraying your restaurant as a happening place. Also, using glass screens is a great way to welcome more natural and illuminate the interior during daytime. Portray the ambience inside as more interesting by styling the glass screens using neon lights of different colours.

4. Showcase the menu: Apart from your restaurant’s design, the menu is the second-most important aspect of your business that interests prospects. After all, many people choose to eat in your restaurant by going through the menu you’ve prepared. Use the menu to lure in more foot traffic by showcasing it on the entrance of your restaurant. Use a stylish outside menu board to make your business space look more inviting. Ensure adequate lighting for the menu board to make sure passersby do not miss out to see what you have in offer. Use two separate menu boards for showcasing your regulars and everyday specials.

Liked our exterior restaurant styling ideas? Stay tuned to this space as we’ll post more interesting and informative write-ups.