How Interior Design Affects your Health


If you were questioned about your topmost priorities when you’re planning a decor transformation, what would you say?

Most definitely your answer would be somewhere along the lines of aesthetic appearance, personal taste or functionality of your home.

How about we add another important thing to the list?

Your health!

If you are acquainted with the Chinese concept of Feng Shui, you would know that it stresses on the balance between interior arrangement and energy flow in a particular area. With the pandemic confining us to our homes, most of us spend the majority of our waking hours at home, surrounded by the home decor that we choose! It is imperative that we make a conscious choice and accommodate a style that is not only visually appealing but also affecting our health in a very positive manner!

If you’re based around Dubai, there are several interior design consultants to choose from, who can educate you on the health aspect of interior designing. However, if you are looking for the best interior designing companies in Dubai to guide you through the process of home decor solutions, let’s get going!

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Let’s look at 4 ways in which interior design affects your health!

1. Make room for enough lighting

The importance of natural light is honestly limitless. From keeping your house well lit and damp free to helping you maintain a perfect circadian cycle, natural light really ensures that you’re leading a healthy and germ free life! Ask your interior designer to incorporate as many natural lighting sources into the design plan as possible!

2. Incorporation of spaciousness

Studies have shown that adding enough space to the design platter helps to keep mental health issues at bay!

A well lit, spacious room will attract positive energy and make you feel lively and active. Decluttering and getting rid of the superfluous items will help you attain the goal when it comes to spaciousness.

3. Colours are crucial

If your walls look bland and lifeless, it will definitely reflect upon your health and inturn, your life. Add colour schemes that you resonate with the most! A dash of bright and lively colours can add that extra edge to your life! After all, what you surround yourself with will definitely impact your health. Ensure that the impact is positive!

4. Plants are game changers

Isn’t it lovely to have some greenery around you while you’re working or just relaxing in your home? Adding greenery into your interior design plan not only elevates the aesthetic beauty of the place but also helps to improve the quality of your life. Plants keep circulating fresh oxygen inside your house and rejuvenate your health. Many varieties of houseplants are capable of filtering the air, reducing the allergens and improving the quality of air you breathe.

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