7 Cool Kids’ Bedroom Ideas Your Home Needs Right Now

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Children love having interesting themes for their bedrooms. Their little minds crave for a safe space for themselves, wherein they can learn, grow and let their creativity and imagination go wild. Growing up, a kid will cherish the memories that they have created in their bedrooms. Whether it is watching the stars on the ceiling, a cool superman poster by the bed or fighting with siblings over who gets to sleep on the upper bunk of the bed, these memories play a crucial role to shape them up to be a happier person tomorrow. This is exactly why it is important to come up with some cool bedroom ideas that keep the childhood alive in your little ones!

There are literally tons of kids bedroom interior design ideas available on the internet. However, such a wide range of choices can be overwhelming, both for the parents and the kids. To ease things up for you, we have come up with 7 cool kids bedroom design ideas that you can get for your kids right away!

And I promise they’ll love it!

Kids’ Bedroom Design

1. Kids love colours

If you’re someone who loves minimalist and monochromatic designs, trust me you don’t want to do the same for your kids.

Kids love a colourful and vibrant atmosphere! Go for playful colours like pink, blue, red, yellow or lime green to keep the monotony at bay! Also incorporating cool designs and posters that your kids are fond of, adds an extra tinge of drama that your kids will definitely love!

2. Go for themes

Kids are big fans of themes. This statement is not unknown to any parent. While someone might be head over heels for Disney princesses, some might be lost in the world of Batman! So why not try to create a mini world of their imaginations for them? A themed kids bedroom design works wonders! Kids tend to live spending a lot more time in their rooms and are a lot happier in general!

3. Add quirky wallpapers

While colouring the walls in a vibrant colour is useful, one can also play with the bedroom interior design by adding quirky wallpapers in a couple of walls. These wallpapers will add contrast to the room and make it stand out as unique. Also these wall papers are water and scratch resistant, so no need to worry about the kids damaging them. A win-win for all, I must say!

4. Unique furnitures stand out

If you’re looking forward to making your children gasp in awe, unique furniture pieces will definitely do the job! Add quirky study tables, a unique wardrobe and customised side tables. The idea is to make the kids feel safe and loved, no matter what their personality type may be. As long as they feel comfortable in their own surroundings, they can evolve sooner!

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5. Add a motivational Wall sticker

If you don’t have the budget to go for a complete themed bedroom interior design, this should be your to-go choice. A motivational wall sticker keeps your kid focused on a single track and builds up their confidence. Add a couple of other stickers related to their favorite characters along with a background colour of their choice. This is a far more economical choice of interior design when you do not have the budget for fancy high end designs.

6. Keep their hobbies alive with wall art

If your kid has a hobby that they absolutely love, try to incorporate it in the kids bedroom design as well. This can be a subtle yet efficient way to keep them focused and happy. Everytime they look at the tiny elements in their room that resonate with their hobby, they feel an urge to be better at it. This shapes up their personality and lays down a path for a better future!

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