What does your interior design style say about you?

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Home is where the heart is!

Humans are very domestic in nature. We prefer the idea of creating a happiness den for ourselves to come back to, at the end of each day. With the pandemic in picture, most of us have been spending the majority of our time at home.

Subconsciously, we tend to create a surrounding that resonates with our inner personality the most. If you look around your house, you will realise that you have a particular style. Although we seek inspiration from various interior designs and magazines we pick the one that reflects ourselves the best!

Which of these home interior designs describe you the most?

1. Traditional Decor Style

Personality Traits: Old fashioned, Loyal, Enduring

Are you someone who would happily ditch the latest trends to pick something more traditional?

Well, the best way to describe your personality trait would be Old-school.

You are definitely a fan of interior design elements that are perpetual. Be it a white washed wall or timber doors, you stick to the basics and choose durability over anything else. This might be a reflection of your enduring nature through all challenges and hardships in life.

home interior design Dubai

2. Minimalist Decor Style

Personality Traits: Organized and Analytical

If “less is more” is the mantra to your home interior design, there is a good chance you live your life by the same principle!

Minimalist decor style depicts that you are an organized person who prefers functionality over glamorous appearance.

Bare walls, neutral tones and spaciousness suit your taste the best.

3. Contemporary Decor Style

Personality Traits: Ambitious, Modern, Bold.

If sleek and spacious home decor attracts you the most, you have a modern-day ambitious personality. Random pops of colours and superfluous decoration adds an edge to your bold side. Adding textures accentuates the fun element and makes your home decor stand out!

4. Boho Decor Style

Personality Traits: Vibrant, Creative, Lively

If vibrant colours, quirky furnitures and DIY (Do it yourself) design elements ensnares your senses, you are definitely the creative soul!

Colourful walls, wacky throw pillows and flea market decor elements dictates that you are free spirited and cheerful. You can practically light up any room you walk into!

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5. Classic Decor Style

Personality Traits: Elegant, Culturally driven

If timeless classics dominate your interior design, 17th century European antiques lure you in, we have a type for you: Elegant.

You are culturally driven and try to stay as close to the roots as possible. Your preferred colour schemes are neutral. It radiates a calming effect that complements the classic decor.

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