Tips to incorporate minimalist interior decor

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The 21st century, especially the last decade has been a witness to a revolution in the concept of home decor. Minimalist has become the buzzword among many interior decor enthusiasts and professionals. Ranging from decluttered rooms and pleasing colour pallets to vacant walls and abundant floor space – there is absolutely nothing about minimalistic interior decor that won’t capture your attention.

Kim Kardashian, Rachel Ray, Leonardo DiCaprio and many other celebrities are major minimalist fans. But why is this form of decor getting all the hype?

The idea of minimalist interior design stands on two major pillars – simplicity and functionality. You can create a wide range of permutations and combinations to find the style that is aesthetically pleasing, utilitarian as well as well suited to your personal taste.

Here are 5 tips to incorporate minimalist interior decor into your home

1. Soothing neutral colours

Choosing a neutral tone that accentuates the aestheticity of a minimalist interior decor is of prime importance when planning your home decor. Including colour palettes like pastel, white or creamy tones into your decor plan have been trending these days.

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2. Avoid cluttering

A small, cluttered home can make you feel claustrophobic. It is imperative to have thorough knowledge on how to declutter open spaces and make the minimalist as interior decor-friendly. Cut out all the unnecessary items, rearrange furniture and make every occupied space fully functional.

3. Open spaces

Open space is a vital element when you are transforming into a minimalist interior decor home. Incorporate plenty of open spaces into your decor plan that seamlessly blends in with the overall design without looking unpleasantly bare.

4. Include textures

Minimalist decor plans with just one overall colour can make your home look really bland and lifeless. There is a full-proof trick to avoid this decor mishap – by including textures.

Add liveliness into your home by using knitted carpets, velvet decor, beaded throws, bright pillow covers and curtains. Experiment with sensory touch points. This adds a glimpse of luxury into the picture, while keeping the coziness intact.

5. Quality over quantity

Minimalist interior decor emphasizes on enhancing functionality of a home by choosing quality over quantity. Consider the utility of every piece that you add to the decor. Invest in classic furniture that blends in, making the home look elegantly curated.

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Conclusion | Interior Design Dubai

Once you have a fair idea about the things to add, it all comes down to execution of the plan. Seeking help from professionals and trusting their expert advice might take a huge burden off your shoulders. If you’re based in Dubai and looking for interior designers around Dubai, you can definitely check out GDM interiors. They have a team of highly qualified professionals to help you turn your dream home into a reality.