How to Reduce Interior Design Cost?

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During a renovation project, every decision made affects the budget. Therefore, it is imperative to learn where the savings are possible.

Following are some design considerations you need to be aware of when creating a budget and some ways to keep interior design cost under control.

1. Wall colours – the cost of painting a feature wall can be expensive as it is a time-consuming process and more the colours, higher the cost. Therefore, to keep costs low, restricting the number of feature wall colours can help you to stay within your budget and thus save cost for the extra time it takes for a painter to paint the wall.

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The image shows a feature wall with lots of paint colours. Source: Google Image Search

2. Tiles – opting for several different or intricately designed tiles for floors and walls can add considerably to the cost of your renovation. The installation will require more time to get the pattern, positioning and detailing right, as a result, you will be charged an hourly rate, adding up to the costs. Furthermore, doing this in multiple bathrooms can account fora major part of your budget.

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The image shows a wall with an intricate tile pattern. Source: Houzz

3. Window frames – window frames are of different types – timber, aluminium and slim-profile steel (if the budget permits). One way to keep costs down is by opting for aluminium frames. These come in three different profiles – commercial, semi-commercial and residential – with the latter being the least expensive amongst the three.

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The image shows window frame. Source: Houzz

4. Lighting – electricians generally charge to install light fittings by accounting for the number of lightsThe more downlights/pendant lights you have, the higher the cost of labour and installation, this will be over and above the cost of the light fittings. Strategically placing downlights so they deliver light only where it’s needed will help to reduce costs. Downlights are a type of light that are installed into a hollow opening in the ceiling.

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The image shows a kitchen and living area with downlights. Source: Good Image Search

5. Flooring – if you want the look of timber flooring while keeping costs down, choose alternatives such as timber laminate. There are various types of timber laminate that are available at affordable prices, allowing you to have the look of timber flooring.

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The image shows wooden flooring. Source: Good Image Search

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