How To Nail A Tropical Island Decor In Your Restaurant?

Tropical Island Décor

The trend of tropical island decor is a rising one in the restaurant realm. By getting the decor style right, you can inspire a beach-like feeling that will transport your customers to a tropical paradise. Here’s a rundown on some interesting ideas to help you create a tropical island decor in your restaurant:

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1) Focus on architectural details

One of the best ways to get started with creating a tropical island decor is to work on the architectural details. Use bare wood as a dominating architectural accent to create a nature-centric look; mix and match light and dark wood to mimic the look of lush woodlands of tropical islands. Combine matt and gloss wood finishes in equal proportions to strike a balance between a laid-back and a modern vibe.

2) Tropical plants for an exotic flair

Tropical plants such as palms, bromeliads, philodendron, and peace lily make perfect wanderlust-inspiring decor elements. Mix and match tropical plant varieties to echo the exotic flavours of your menu.

If you have an alfresco-like setup in your restaurant, combine tropical plants with natural lighting and bare wood finish. To add a dash of sophistication, choose premium upholstery materials such as leather, wool, and acetate.

3) Play with tablescape

To get started with accessorising the tabletops, use leaf-shaped dishes as candle holders or to serve salads. Keep a small bunch of freshly-cut flowers in small-sized transparent vases. Choose wooden seasoning jars and serve freshly-cut pineapples to create an unmistakable tropical look.

4) Mix and match artificial and natural lighting

When working on a tropical island look, focus on a balanced illumination. When it comes to using artificial lighting, choose recessed primary lights and low-hanging accent lights. Use rattan hanging light fixtures to inspire a tropical feeling.

Install large-sized glass panels in exterior walls to allow natural light inside to create a look that feels downright equatorial. Installing sunny windows is a great idea if your restaurant has a green surrounding.

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