Tips To Plan Your Office Space

Office Interiors

A well-planned office decor does more than just make the working space look professional, it also improves the overall operational efficiency while promoting the well-being of the team members. Elements such as the right layout, relaxing decor, bright lighting, and balanced ventilation can help you transform your office into a comfortable and enjoyable working space.

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Here, we have shared some tips to help you plan your office space:

1) Choose an open layout

Gone are the days of working in enclosed cubicles as open working spaces are in trend. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, many businesses are working in open offices spaces for efficient collaboration. The open floor plan of open offices also does wonders in promoting a social and energetic environment. This, in turn, fosters team engagement.

An open layout is also cost-friendly as compared to a closed layout. Therefore, it comes as the right option if you have a limited budget for furnishing your office space. An open office plan also helps you steer clear of clutter which, in turn, can dull employee productivity.

2) Ensure proper illumination

Many company owners ignore the importance of proper illumination. Lighting has a direct impact on the overall outlook and mood of any office space. With a well-designed modern lighting system, you can ensure proper illumination across your office and brighten up the overall space.

Apart from artificial lighting, you can also let the natural lighting work its magic. One simple way to do this is to install large-sized windows with full glass pane coverage. By allowing in more natural light, you can also lower your electricity usage on lighting systems.

3) Consider the ergonomics

Ergonomics may seem like a trivial factor when planning your office space. However, it plays an important role in improving employee comfort which, in turn, has a positive impact on the efficiency of workflow.

Taking small steps such as concealing all the cables, installing a storage cabinet on every desk, and reducing glare on computer screens, go a long way in improving the ergonomics of the working space.

4) Allow room for personalisation

Employees feel emotionally connected to their work when they have the option of personalising their workspace. Give your teams the option to accessorise their workspace with their personal belongings such as a potted plant, a family photo, or a desktop calendar. Work desk personalisation, together with the decor of the office, complete the overall look of the space.

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