Back To The Future: How To Nail The Retro Look In Your Retail Store

Retro Look

In today’s times when almost all retailers are zeroing in on ultra-modern store decor, you can stand out from the crowd by creating a retro look in your retail store. A well-designed retro space doesn’t fail to transport the visitors to a totally different era.

We at GDM Interiors, one of the leading interior fit out companies in Dubai, can help you pull off the retro look in a customer-focused way. We can help you achieve the retro look you want for your retail store by assisting you right from the initial to the final stage. Learn more about our interior fit-out solutions at

Use these ideas to lend an unmistakable look to your retail store:

1) Display with wooden cases

The way you display your products in your retail store has a direct impact on the type of feeling or experience you want to inspire in your customers. Wooden display cases with glass doors are a real blast from the past. Choose wooden display cases that have a bare finish to inspire a powerful nostalgic feeling in your retail store.

We can design retro-looking display shelving units of both types: built-in and freestanding. You can put them into use as per the layout of your retail store. With our bespoke interior design services, you get the flexibility to furnish your retail space as per your specifications.

2) Pay attention to small details

The secret to creating an unmistakable retro look in your retail store lies in paying attention to small details. In order to decorate your retail store with a retro look in the most complete way, choose a shabby-chic/laid back wall cladding style like exposed brick walls.

Retro wallpapers having floral and geometric patterns work wonders in lending a timeless appeal to your retail store. Retro wall hangings such as posters of retro movies, music vinyls, and neon signages help you deck up your store’s walls with a retro glam.

3) Lighting accessories

Lighting plays an important role in upping the retro quotient of your store. Use elements such as low-hanging pendant lights and vintage filament light bulbs for the right retro effect.

However, make sure not to solely depend on these lights as they do not ensure bright illumination as modern lights. Install accent lighting in display units and task lighting in trial spaces and checkout counter to strike a balance between modern and old.

 4) Let retro colours reflect  your store’s colour scheme

The colours you choose for your store’s retro look speak volumes about the effort you’ve put in to pull off the look. Khaki, light carmine-pink, cream, arylide yellow, dark sea green, and raisin black are some of the top retro colour picks. Incorporate these colours into your retail store’s colour scheme and let the retro vibe take over.

Achieve the dream look of your retail store with GDM Interiors

Whether you want to stun your customers with an ultra-modern decor or transport them back to the past with a vintage look, we at GDM Interiors, one of the renowned retail interior design in Dubai, have the right turnkey solutions for you. Learn more about our services at