Interior Designing Solutions For Noise At Work

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From team-based collaborations to casual gossip and client calls, noise is an inevitable part of modern work culture. However, constant noise in the workplace can lead to reduced productivity.

There are multiple ways to effectively reduce office noise to a level that promotes effectiveness Whenever working on the design of your office space, it is important to take into account the acoustics for effective noise insulation.

Here we discuss a few effective ways to reduce the noise levels in your office:


1) The right layout highly matters

The layout of your office is one of the important factors that determine how effectively you can control noise separation. It’s important to keep the distance between noise-producing areas to noise-sensitive rooms. One example of such a layout is making sure meeting rooms aren’t located close to the cafeteria and server rooms.

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2) Control unwanted noise with thick drapery

Controlling unwanted noise levels in the office doesn’t mean you have to change the overall design of the space to a significant extent. You can incorporate sound-dampening solutions to the existing decor of your workspace. One such way is to use sound absorber drapes instead of the lighter & regular ones. Sound absorption curtains made from foam provide good acoustical control; they absorb high-frequency sounds and don’t interfere with sounds falling in the low-frequency range.

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3) Use sound-absorbing space separators

It’s not always possible to soundproof the workspace from scratch, especially if your office is fully functioning. However, making small changes go a long way in helping you reduce noise levels.

Space separators with a sound-absorbing property are a good option for dividing sections while controlling unwanted noise. These separators work effectively in a closed-style office layout.

4) Choose noise-friendly ceiling and flooring

Ceiling and flooring make up a major part of your office space. Hard ceiling and flooring materials such as ceramic and porcelain reflect sound and add to the overall noise. Instead of these materials, choose sound-friendly alternatives such as vinyl and fabric.

Vinyl is a good option as it requires little maintenance. Carpet also makes a good flooring solution as it absorbs noise to a significant level.

Get the right solutions to control noise in your workspace

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