Tips To Create Fabulous Food Kiosks In Malls

Food Kiosks

When you are starting your food retail business, buying a permanent space is a huge investment. Instead of getting a permanent space, you can lower your spendings by leasing a retail kiosk in a mall. Doing this helps you better manage your initial investments and get your business up and running at the earliest.

To make sure your food kiosk doesn’t go unnoticed in the mall right from day one, it’s crucial to get the design of the stall right. By styling your food kiosk in a visually appealing way, you can make the splurge-centered vibe of the mall work to your advantage. So, how do you nail the right look for your food kiosk? We have brought together some of the essential design tips to help you create a fabulous look for your food kiosk:

1) Get your display game strong

If you want to make your retail food kiosk a runaway hit in the mall, getting your display game right is the way to go. In every shopping mall, there are enough retail offerings to attract shoppers. However, a thought-out display of your offerings helps you make your business’s presence felt.

Make sure to put all your highlight products on display. One simple way to amp up your display approach is to use the two side-facing facades (apart from the front facade) of the kiosk. Also, do not forget to showcase the menu, prices, and discounts to present your offerings in an informative way.

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2) It’s all in the lights

Lighting is a crucial element when it comes to making your food kiosk look visually appealing.

Primary colours with a rich saturation such as orange, yellow, white, red, and blue do not fail to attract attention. Choose accent lights of these colours to elevate the visual intrigue in your food kiosk. Get the accent lights installed in the displays, rooftop, and bottom recesses to portray your food kiosk as a happening hangout spot.

GDM Interiors

3) A mini photo booth for a memorable experience

Creating a unique experience is one effective way to attract customers to your kiosk.

To create a unique experience for your customers on a budget, design a photo background (aligned with you food kiosk brand) where your visitors can enjoy clicking their pictures or selfies with food. You can also keep selfie frames and other types of photo props.

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