Office Interior Design in Dubai: Workspaces in the Post-Covid World

Office interior design in Dubai


The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown everyone’s work-life into disarray by changing how and where people work, putting each company’s ability to adapt to flexible work to the test, and forcing everyone to reconsider how they work in the future and whether traditional office layouts make logical sense in the new normal. The evolution to enable flexible work isn’t new. It will continue to modify office spaces beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, but this pandemic has accelerated the requirement for all workplaces to support WFH, social distancing, and offering cleaner workspaces. The new era provides you with the chance to reinvent what the workplace and office culture will look like in the future. Here are some of the trends of office interior design in Dubai that will shape offices in the future from GDM Interiors.

Accommodating Virtual Workspaces

More space will likely be allocated to virtual meeting rooms to accommodate the growing number of online conferences, with larger displays being incorporated into physical meeting rooms in the office design. Meanwhile, office desks have dropped in size in the physical workplace in recent decades. However, as long as individuals adhere to the two-meter social separation rule, this is prone to changes. As a result, one can address simple concerns like keeping workstations tidy in new purpose-built workplaces following the pandemic. Employees can utilize a paper mat for the desk, which is supplied as they enter the workplace, in addition to apparent improvements such as hand sanitizers. The paper is tossed away at the end of each day to help prevent the spread of viruses on surfaces.

Open Concept Floor Plans

Even though research shows that open workplace environments are less productive, the trend isn’t going away. To begin with, open floor layouts are significantly easier to maintain and reduce the number of surfaces that personnel may touch. Office door handles, office cubicle openings and chair armrests are among the most grabbed things, making offices secure from a distance but potentially dangerous from a virus-spreading standpoint. Similarly, every business is likely to utilize the same HVAC unit, linked to the spreading of COVID-19 and other diseases.

You already know that good ventilation is essential for reducing the transmission of COVID-19 and other diseases. Having an open floor layout with windows that you can open can enhance workplace ventilation fast. If you can’t open the windows or if doing so won’t adequately ventilate the space, it’s an opportunity to indulge in an office temperature control system, which most businesses have already adopted as a part of their office interior design.

Office interior design Dubai


The post-COVID workplace design revolves around more signage, which is now the standard in businesses, malls, and public transportation. This signage, which takes the shape of road-style markings, may be customized for the workplace to match the brand. Signs make things easier and better for users, from rows and spaces in lobbies and hallways to labeled locations and standing areas in lifts. People are urged to travel clockwise around individual workstations and through the specified entry and departure points, establishing a one-way stream to prevent viral transmission.

Increased Use of Technology

Contactless technologies are an integral part of office design. This prevents disease transmission by reducing the need for people to contact the structure with their hands. They are a crucial component of every new project. Motion sensors and face recognition can automatically open office doors and elevators. One can purchase drinks from smartphones by tracking individuals’ movements through their mobile phones and perhaps issuing notifications when they break two-meter guidelines.

Office interior design in Dubai


The team at GDM Interiors, one of the increasingly intelligent and connected office interior design companies in Dubai. They believe that pandemic-influenced office design is the path to a secure workplace. They’re here to assist you in thinking over the post-COVID-19 workplace environment and how to redesign it so that your employees feel comfortable and want to come to work every day.