What Is the Difference Between a Category A and Category B Fit-Out?

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A fit-out is taking an existing building and turning it into a retail space, and this can be a large warehouse, office complex, or other commercial property. They are majorly categorized into two types that are, Category A fit-outs and Category B fit-outs.

Category A fit-outs are required when a tenant moves into a building that has not previously been occupied. The tenant must ensure that the building complies with all regulations regarding fire safety and other relevant building standards.

The term “fit-out” refers to an office or commercial space being prepared for use by an occupant. This includes everything from installing new electrical wiring to painting walls and ceilings.

A category fit-out is required when moving into an existing building that has not been used for any purpose before. In contrast, category B is needed when moving into a refurbished space.

The category A fit-out can take up to nine months to complete, while a category B fit-out can take three months and two years, depending on how much work needs to be done on-site. To get a workspace according to your needs, you must hire highly skilled professionals who can recommend what will be the best for you according to your vision board.

In this blog, we will be talking about the differences between categories A fit-outs and Category B fit-outs.

Category A Fit-Outs

A Category A fit-out is a commercial fit-out designed to meet a particular tenant’s requirements. The design of a category A fit-out will meet the needs of one specific tenant, such as a bank or medical center.

Category A fit-outs are the basic structure of an office building with the necessary interiors such as flooring, basic amenities, safety and security installations, etc. It is like a blank canvas where the tenants can decorate the space as per their needs. It is the foundation for Category B fit-outs.

In category A fit-outs, the landlord provides the tenants or the buyer with an empty but fully-functional working space that can be customized as per their requirements later on.

The Basic Amenities That Are Provided in This Category Are:

  • Air conditioning
  • Lift
  • Vents
  • Stairs and stairwells
  • Electrical circuits and pipelines
  • Toilets
  • Window blinds
  • Basic lighting

Category B Fit Outs

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A category B fit-out is a commercial fit-out that has been designed to meet the requirements of multiple tenants. The interior space design of a category B fit-out will be suitable for many different types of businesses. It can be used repeatedly with only minor variations in layout and design.

Category B fit-outs, in other words, are the next step of category A fit-outs. In this case, the office space is designed keeping the clients in mind. In category b, fit, outs, floor plans, and areas of different rooms can be customized according to the buyer. And it focuses on the minute details such as wall art etc. Most working spaces these days are tailor-made to fit the company’s requirements, and hence they are unique in their ways.

This Category Includes Installations Like:

  • Decor
  • Furniture
  • Special lightings
  • Partitions
  • Kitchen, reception areas
  • IT infrastructure

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