What Millennials Want in Their Home Decor?

Millenials Home Décor

Millennials are different from the previous generation when it comes to the way they express themselves, they work and they live. Millennials definitely have a different kind of a relationship with interior design. From Instagram-worthy home decor to technologically advanced homes, millennials are looking for a true reflection of themselves when it comes to home decor.

Here are a few trends that show how millennials are changing the home decor game:

1. Open concept layout plan: Millennials are scripting a new interior design trend by embracing the open concept layout plan that integrates part of the living and the dining area. This makes it easier for millennial parents to keep an eye on the children while they are rustling up dinner. Moreover, this takes away the extraneous formal setting and makes more room for casual gatherings and socialization.

2. Sleek design yet rustic feel: Millennials are absolutely in love with the mid-century modern interior design that neither compromises on comfort nor on style. They like wooden furniture to have a sleek and elegant design, nothing too ostentatious. However, there’s also a bit of contradiction. For vintage charm, there would be a farmhouse sink or barn door just next to a high-tech toilet. Artisanal baked tiles in kitchens and bathrooms add the warmth of rustic elements.

3. Sustainable design: Modern homebuyers are placing emphasis on using natural materials that are durable and non-toxic. To give their house an organic feel and a personal touch, millennials are experimenting with natural items like glass, bamboo, stone, copper and other materials. They are also environmentally conscious when it comes to design. They are also opting for layouts that allow natural light into their urban abode. They love big glass windows, glass partition with metal frames and skylights.

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1. Luxury kitchen: With the open concept plan, the kitchen is no longer just a place where you prepare meals. The modern kitchen is where you also entertain. The kitchen has undergone an unusual makeover. The essential kitchen appliances look drool-worthy. The fixtures and fittings are beautiful and functional. Matte black hardware is in vogue these days.

2. Statement appliances: Technology is a new luxury. A home with integrated smart-technology like a voice-enabled assistant or smartphone-controlled lighting and smoke detectors are something that millennials today boast about. Digital photo frames or digital art are new accent pieces of this generation.